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Phase 2a: – updated 3/8/17 – Details of public events added

Phase 2b – western route: – also published by other local papers





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Northern Powerhouse:
 – 25 pages – updated 9/6/17 – 3 pages – 19 pages – updated 9/6/17
 – updated 9/6/17 – 9 pages – 99 pages – 15 pages – 14 pages – 20 pages





Phase 1:





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Other: – also published by other local papers’%20plans%20to%20improve%20the%20lives%20of%20residents&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2017

Theresa May commits to delivering HS2 rail had been speculation the Prime Minister would drop the new north-south railway from the Conservatives´ General Election manifesto.





NCHSR: – British Steel support for HS2 College

British Steel support for HS2 College – Machinery Market Steel ( has donated 200m of rail track to the yet-to-be-opened National College for High Speed Rail in Birmingham. The campus — being developed on the bank of the Grand Union Canal — will train more than 1,300 students per year once it reaches full capacity. Alongside another campus in Doncaster, it is scheduled to be completed this summer; both will open their doors to students in September.





Train manufacturers – this is the same article as the above with a different title: ‘Wider seats for HS2 passengers as they get fatter’







We must not destroy the environmental protections the EU has helped make

Brexit negotiations and supporting the UK

Sir, The publication of the EU’s Brexit negotiating objectives coincided with the latest UK growth figures (“Squeeze on spending puts growth in slow lane”, Business, Apr 29). That juxtaposition questions the wisdom of committing to HS2 and its £56 billion cost. We might prefer to husband our resources against the “divorce” settlement and other headwinds. Paul Bowen Aylesbury, Bucks


General Election: – see also the Survey in Joe’s urgent message below – Minister insists HS2 will not be cancelled – see comments at 18:26





HS2 / CH2M / Mace





Train Manufacturers:





West Coast Partnership franchise: – Press Association syndicated article–2636499.html–2636492.html – updated 13/4/17

HS2 contract opportunities – Find information about contracts awarded directly by HS2 Ltd, including the status of current and future opportunities. Details on live direct procurements and …

MP celebrating 25 years praises ‘fantastic’ constituency with ‘kind and generous’ A south Bucks MP, who is celebrating 25 years in the role, has spoken out about her “fantastic” constituency and its “kind and generous”…       Phase 1 Station Design: – syndicated article – subscriber access only, not available from Google       Air Pollution:       Ancient Woodland:       CH2M / Mace / HS2: – also published by other local papers       Crossrail 2 & HS2:       Engineering Skills / Education:       Events: – Reminder deadline 18 April for IHBC member opportunity for HS2       HS2 Costs: – subscriber access only, not available from Google       Train Manufacturers:       Other: – also published by other local papers –  also published by other local papers Weston Williamson picked for HS2’s East Midlands Hub Major infrastructure opportunities for landscapers Top clients sign up to CN Summit 2017       Sarah Green has sent a link to the Colne Valley event held on 8 April: – Dance for the Trees/Stop HS2 – 8:43 minutes

HS2: CH2M contract one-off sessionwww.parliament.ukTransport Committee’s one-off evidence session on CH2M’s decision to withdraw HS2 contract

Landowner Wins Compensation Court Battle Against HS2stophs2.orgA landowner has won a landmark tribunal on compensation rights against HS2 Ltd, who were trying to claim that not all of their landholding should be bought out by Government. The Lands Tribunal has come down in favour of an unnamed Landowner after two day …

Phase 1 Station Design:       Ancient Woodland:       CH2M / Mace / HS2: – also published by other local papers      – pretty pointless to use figures of the cost of Phase 1 from 2013 – £19.4bn!!!

Ethical arguments around HS2prestudentconversation.wordpress.comConstruction of a new high speed railway line through predominantly rural [1] areas, with stage 1 linking London to Birmingham. Phase 1’s cost is estimated at £19.4 billion [2] and is funded by gov…  Closing the gender gap needs support from the boss

HS2 Design Vision – Design Vision sets out the role that design can play in making High Speed Two a catalyst for growth across Britain. – 26 pages – updated 6/4/17 – 3 pages – 19 pages         Phase 2: – 28 pages – mostly the same as South, with 2 pages on HS3         CH2M / Mace / HS2: – also available from: – HS2 and CH2M – Question/ 5 Apr 2017/ House of Lords debates – No inquiry over £170m HS2 deal     Landscape destruction: