A battle cry – poem


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Robert Ilson wrote this poem:

Stop HS2 !

No, we don’t want it though They do.
So what ? We’re many ; They are few.
But we’re too weak and They’re too strong.
— That is Their everlasting song.
Resistance ? Useless ! They will win.
To fight Them is almost a sin,
Or else at least it’s childish. They
Have Experts on Their side They pay
To say that what They want is right
(For Them). Why bother, then, to fight ?
Because what’s “irresistible”
Is what is unresisted still.
So fight we shall – because what’s new
Need not replace what’s tried and true ;
Because our cash were better spent
On us than on the opulent ;
Because the facts do not endorse
What They want to impose by force.
We want no Fat-Cats on Their rounds
Who tell us that we’re out of bounds,
Who can’t sit simply on Their tod
But must keep busy playing God !
What we do want is in our town
To say what goes up, what comes down !

Robert Ilson