CWAC HS2 Working Group Visit Lostock Green and Lach Dennis

On the 11th November 2015 Councillor Brian Clarke and Councillor John Leather, members of the CWAC HS2 Working Group, visited the area from Wincham to Wimboldsley, including Lostock Green and Lach Dennis, to familiarise themselves with the route of HS2 through CWAC and to listen to some of the residents affected. Here’s where HS2 crosses Birches Lane.

Residents are asked to send any comments for the CWAC HS2 Working Group via MCAHS2 who will forward them. Email: mcahs2@yahoo.co.uk



What’s the local gossip?

‘HS2 has gone away’ ‘It’s not going to happen’

‘The line has moved’ ‘HS2 doesn’t come through here’


In Jan 2016, it will be three years since the announcement of Phase 2 of the HS2 proposed high speed rail line through Cheshire linking Manchester to Birmingham and London. According to HS2 Ltd and the Government the High Speed Rail line is still on track. There is cross party support for HS2. Royal assent to the HS2 bill is planned for the end of 2016. This of course depends on parliament voting for HS2 in the third reading of the Hybrid Bill for HS2. In a meeting that the NFU had with HS2 Ltd in July .. ‘it was highlighted that the section Lichfield to Crewe – will be accelerated, may be first announcement, and may have its own Hybrid Bill.’

There is a lot of political and commercial commitment to the project. Currently HS2 Ltd is recruiting one person a day. HS2 Ltd is involving potential contractors and investors and rail developers in their plans. HS2 Ltd and Chancellor George Osborne are currently inviting tenders, especially from China, for £12 billion worth of contracts, even though it is still probably a year before HS2 has got parliament’s approval.

But what about

The other side of the argument?


The HS2 budget (2011 prices) is £43 billion. A more up to date figure is expected to be announced soon.

Contrast the HS2 Benefit to Cost Ratio of 2.3 to 1 with the Benefit to Cost Ratio of 8 to 1 set by the Environmental Agency to justify any flood defence project going ahead. For flood protection each £1 spent has to create £8 of benefits but for HS2 each £1 spent only has to create £2.3 of benefits.

Here’s a focus for the new National Infrastructure Commission. Wide spread upgrading of Britain’s existing very slow speed local and regional rail networks. Lots and lots of small much needed schemes all over the UK rather than one or two massive high speed rail projects.


Britain’s local, regional, and city rail network. A wonderful legacy built in the past, but neglected in the present, modernise it now to help balance and benefit the UK’s present and future economy.

And Just To Remind You Of Mid Cheshire’s Snail Rail Service

Ten Times Slower Than Proposed HS2 Speeds

New Train Times From 5th October to 12th December 2015

Lostock Gralam to Manchester Morning Rush Hour

7.07 Lostock Gralam – 8.20 Manchester Picadilly –change at Stockport ONE HOUR 13 MINS

7.33 Lostock Gralam – 8.30 Manchester Picadilly – 57 MINS

8.07 Lostock Gralam – 9.20 Manchester Picadilly –change at Stockport ONE HOUR 13 MINS

Current train journey times

Lostock Gralam to Manchester Picadilly

ONE HOUR PLUS for 17miles as the crow flies

Mid Chesire Rail Line speeds are typical of regional and local rail speeds all over UK

HS2 proposed train journey time

Manchester Picadilly to London

ONE HOUR 8 MINS for 160 miles as the crow flies


Ten Times Slower Than HS2

Mid Cheshire Rail Users Association http://www.mcrua.org.uk/ Your voice for the Manchester to Chester, Crewe to Liverpool and potentially Northwich to Crewe via Middlewich railway lines

The Mid Cheshire Rail Users’ Association (MCRUA) is a rail user group with over 500 members

MCRUA is active in representing the interests of passengers on the Mid Cheshire Line from Chester to Manchester and those travelling between Crewe and Liverpool.

To further this,

MCRUA believes in promoting the Mid Cheshire line as an integral part of the local transport infrastructure

Is a stakeholder in the Mid Cheshire Community Rail Partnership

Meets regularly with the local train operating company management

MCRUA is also strongly supportive of the proposal to reopen the Crewe-Sandbach-Northwich railway and Middlewich station to passenger trains

MCRUA is also well known for the popular excursion trains, including steam specials, it has run over the years.